I *can* do it all

Can anything be scarier yet so exciting at the same time, than starting out on your own in the world of work?

Heading off out with your colleagues for your leaving-do, you will be feeling a total sense of freedom, no longer a wage-slave to the 9-5-boss-watching-over-you.  From here on in *you* will be calling the shots on your time.

Pints lined up on the bar – much laughter – friends slapping you on the back saying, ‘well done matey, so jealous of you.’ Behind your back they are (possibly) saying ‘madness, I give it 3 months before it folds.’

Monday morning – you will be feeling time-rich. You will get out of bed later than you did previously – after all, no commute to deal with.  Oh the freedom from that slog!

You have every confidence that you can still deliver your widget/skills/services – just as you did in ‘corporate’.

Time for a coffee – oh … no coffee machine moment!  That feels a bit odd.  But the upside is you can have coffee of your choice, not the sludge that comes out of the ‘corporate’ machine.

It feels odd that there is no one to talk.  Facebook/Linkedin may save your sanity, ensuring you don’t feel too lonely. And there is always the cat/dog.

Two weeks into your self-employment. Where the heck did all this admin come from? Ah yes, the admin-support team are in the ‘corporate’ office. It’s just *me* now.

No problem.  I can cope with admin, I mean – how hard can it be!

Three months later. Your desk is hiding under all the files, accounts, receipts.  The piles get moved from one side of the desk to the other. You need desk space to produce that report. The piles of files get put on the floor.

Returning from a client meeting, you look at the shredded paperwork.



You’d forgotten to close the office door, the cat is a shredding-machine.


You’d heard a pal mention ‘admin-support on a remote basis’.  How the heck can that work? Even the term ‘virtual assistant’ makes you smile, a picture of a hologram from Red Dwarf comes to mind.

So how does it work…?

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