Christmas – working or not working?

How long will you take off for the Christmas period?



I don’t know about you but I get the feeling that the UK starts to shut/wind down for Christmas as soon as the last firework has fizzled out.


Asking around some of my self-employed chums (I love that word, it evokes aromas of ginger beer) – it would appear most of us will be at our desks up to 24 December and back at them on 29 December.

Some of us will even slip out of the family festivities – grandpa snoring, grandma sipping sherry, and head to the office (upstairs, in the garden, in the loft) and deal with ‘stuff’.

Apparently, ‘Three quarters of UK small business owners work throughout their holidays….’

My employed hubby  – well, let’s just say I have jobs planned for him!

Happy Christmas and here’s to a wonderful New Year


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