How can I stand more?

It appears that your chair could help to stuff up your liver! As if wine wasn’t enough of a threat, eh!

Apparently, sitting for more than fives hours a day can be a pain in the butt, in more ways than one.  Five hours.  In one day.

I’m writing this at 2.30 pm and I’ve already clocked up five hours. So, by the time I’ve finished sitting at my work-desk, say another four hours - then an hour in the chair for dinner/supper/tea – followed by, most likely, another three hours staring at the TV in the name of relaxation.

Crikey – we’re talking 13 hours ‘in the chair’in one day!

I’m seeking ways of improving this – my sitting down time.  Not easy, given that my day-job is a desk-job and I am, thankfully, very busy, which in turn means I need to sit down to work.

Any ideas on how I can reduce this time in the chair? I know there are standing desks on the market, but my compact and bijou office would struggle to find the space for another bit of kit.

How long do you spend sitting in one day?  And yes, I’ve created a spreadsheet to track it – I like a good spreadsheet.


The study published in the Journal of Hepatology 

Article in The Times (behind a pay wall – sorry!)

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