Can peas do front crawl?

I ask because mine are currently floating albeit not on their backs – yet!

This was the sight that greeting me at the lottie today, having first negotiated my way through the gate, which was sitting nicely in the middle of a moat.  Continue reading

Not Simon’s cat*

If you are considering buying a cat you may wish to look away.

It started at 0215hrs, oh how I hoped for it to only last for a couple of minutes, it often does now but it didn’t in the early days – it would go on for a long time back then. Continue reading

There be green there be

Whilst I was de-turfing the plot all I wanted to see was soil thereby ending the pain of turf-stripping – now I am thrilled to see green appearing amongst the freshly exposed soil.
Soon be summer 😀 Continue reading

Plot 13 – full house

So, with opening day just four weeks ago – the first sod having been cut in anger, although we weren’t overly angry, more ecstatic, we are now in a situation of having a full house plus two on the waiting list!  Who said Service personal were not gardeners eh!

I remember on one of our coffee meetings, the Boss and I saying ‘imagine if we have no takers and that it was just you and I digging plots’ – it was our worst fear, but it was always ever groundless- thankfully!

View from my Shed
There is much in the way of canes and netting and soil-warming stuff, it is a plot in waiting!
Back at  home, a blaze of red to cheer us from the tulips and the Phoinia ‘Red Robin’ …lovely
The Under-Gardener having a brief rest

The waiting game!

So here I sit, all veg beds having been cleared of turf – waiting for the ground to warm up, waiting for the rain to stop (I can’t believe I’m saying that!), waiting for seeds to sprout, waiting waiting waiting…..

Whilst I wait here’s a recap to remind myself that the busy times are so very very close.

Pea shoots just showing through

In just a few short weeks we are picking and munching on them – a very pleasant intro for things to come

and in four weekends from this…..
….to this

……scary pose or what!!

Ready for action

My 15m x 5m piece of heaven is de-turfed and ready to see some action – hurrah! 

The end of the plot is where you can see the cabbage netting behind me and yep, there be cabbages under that thar tunnel.

Planted out so far are Jerusalem Artichokes, one bed of Swift first earlies, a lovely big chunk of rhubarb given to me by one of the caravan holders who has been watching on with interest as to what we are up to.  He is ex-RAF, lotties were not an option in his day he says.  Thankfully ‘they’ are now seeing sense!


Hard-core working (that you can see) has taken place in the form of runner bean canes, sweet pea wigwam and pea supports (not yet shown) – much thanks to the wonderful under-gardener for his support with this – being 6′ he comes in handy.

Seeds sown in situ so far are parsnips, carrots, and salsify – just a couple of small rows of each as I want to string out the growing season as long as possible, I will sow another couple of small rows when the first ones are germinated.

The greenhouse is groaning under the weight of tomatoes (just gone out – yikes please no frost!), peas, courgettes, runner beans, sweet peas, broad beans.

What a weekend it’s been, first our anniversary, then my birthday, then we finish the hard-core work at the lottie – what more could a girl ask for!

Birthday bubbles

And birthday bubbles – lovely.

Gardening spans generations

Luke and Conor, our two youngest allotmenteers taking a break from their hard work for a PR shoot.  I’m looking forward to seeing these beds in a few months time.


Not only are they working on their plot, they are also helping a neighbour plot-holder remove all her turf as she is injured – so much energy!


……and the generation thing – the youngest who are both much taller than the oldest member.  Have you noticed how they make children so much taller these days!

Turf war and hospital

Andy, OIC Lottie Plottie’s, plot has presented him with this monstrous slab of concrete, digging out is not an option!

Ian’s online research has shown that this is the part foundations of a hospital which was on the OS maps for 1938!!  WOW – who knew!  Apparently this hospital was still in existence in 1983, so it will be interesting to research further and see why it was demolished.

This does, of course, explain why our soil is so fantastic – all that bone meal from the mortuary.



Small but perfectly formed ‘wet’ garlic showing through – is there anything better than seeing new shoots – I think not


One would expect to find Blackadder hiding behind this lot!


One girl, one heck of a lot of turf!

Jack and his beanstalk

When one wants bean poles of eight foot height one needs a very large hubby – thank you tall hubby, I just knew your height would be useful


Much activity is to been seen in the background – it’s a truly wonderful sight.  Even after working the plot for three weeks I’m still in awe that we have actually pulled this off after two years of hard work from my Boss – OIC Andy Done – take a bow Andy – if it were up to me you would get a Knighthood!

Meanwhile back at the homestead

Some really inspiring colour, one very nutty cat and two birds asking for their Agent!

Euphorbia, always a good, strong space filler


These lovely primroses always make me think of Cornwall and then I get homesick


Yes, yes, I know I’m on your veg-protecting net but just how cute do I look eh!


Oookaaay, I’m just soo bored now

Don’t turn around, she’s got that picture-taking thing in her hand and I haven’t had a chance to speak to our Agent yet!