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‘about 162,000,000 results (0.63 seconds)’

anxiety-charlie-brown…that’s what Google delivered back to me after I asked it about Anxiety.

On the second search it delivered About 162,000,000 results (0.45 seconds) – same amount of anxiety info but at an even quicker mind-blowing speed.

I’m sat here looking at that figure, trying to recall how we set about finding information before the days of the interpipes. You would ask a family member or visit a library or ask Joe down the pub. Continue reading

How can I stand more?

It appears that your chair could help to stuff up your liver! As if wine wasn’t enough of a threat, eh!

Apparently, sitting for more than fives hours a day can be a pain in the butt, in more ways than one.  Five hours.  In one day.

I’m writing this at 2.30 pm and I’ve already clocked up five hours. So, by the time I’ve finished sitting at my work-desk, say another four hours - then an hour in the chair for dinner/supper/tea – followed by, Continue reading

Christmas – working or not working?

How long will you take off for the Christmas period?



I don’t know about you but I get the feeling that the UK starts to shut/wind down for Christmas as soon as the last firework has fizzled out.


Asking around some of my self-employed chums (I love that word, it evokes aromas of ginger beer) – Continue reading

I *can* do it all

Can anything be scarier yet so exciting at the same time, Continue reading